Lock-screen bypass on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Hey guys,

I made a video showing a flaw in the lockscreen of the samsung galaxy S2 (andorid version 4.1.2). As can be seen in the video, you can bypass lock screen on the SGS2 using Voice function which would allow you to place a call or send a message to someone from your contact list. Interestingly, someone can check your daily Calender entry/Schedule using this same voice function even without entering the passcode or getting on the home-screen.

If you want to check this out first hand on your phone then here are the simple steps to follow as can be seen in the video

1)Once the phone is locked, press the power button which will then ask you to enter the pass code

2) Tap on the emergency call which will take you do dialpad

3) Double press on the physical home button which will activate the voice function in the background. You would know about that once the speech assistant says “What would you like to do?” At this stage what I have experienced is that, some times the voice function is not activated directly upon pressing the home button. So if you do not hear “what would you like to do?” sound then just speak “Hi Galaxy” which will then activate the voice function.

4) Once the voice function is activated you can ask phone to place a call or send message to someone from the contact list or check the schedule; all using a voice command.

Here is the video

The purpose of this video is to make users of SGS2 and potentially others using samsung galaxy line-up of phones aware about this flaw. Having a lock screen does not give you 100% assurance that no one can use any function of the phone without knowing the pass code…..so keep that in mind.

If you liked the issue that i wanted to highlight then please give a thumps up below and share it with your friends. Your comments and feedback is most welcome


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